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Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Keep a "Let's Talk" chart on the refrigerator or in the car. Use color markers, color dots, or stars to mark off each day or to add information. You don't need to write down the answers; these are questions to spark conversation.

"Let’s Talk"

  Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Sharing information always should be a two-way street. Both you and
your child should answer each type of question. For example:

"Who would you like to play (or work) with today?"
"What is something special you’re going to do today?"
"When will you…(have lunch, go outside, play show and tell, pick me up, get home)"
"Where will you go today?"
"Why do you…(like to play with _____, need ______, have to go out tonight)"
"How are you…(getting home from your friend’s house, going to try to ________)"

These questions can lead to lots of ongoing discussion. You'll find out if your child is having trouble with a particular friend, isn't getting enough time to play outside, or has special plans or hopes. In turn, your child will be told each day when he/she is being picked up or needs to be home.

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Updated on 4/5/2013