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Building Blocks and Healthy Snacks

Use Building Blocks to help children play games, sing songs, and work together to find and switch to snacks that are good for them.


To use songs, games, and activities to make students aware of sweet treat alternatives



  • If you have a data projector, set up the computer and speakers so the students can sing along with "Healthy Snacks." If not, create a large chart paper of the lyrics so that students can follow along as you play the downloaded "Healthy Snacks" song.
  • If you have a data projector, use it to have the students play a classroom version of the "Favorite Snacks Memory Game." If you would prefer, have students play the game online in teams of two or three.
  • Print out page 10 and/or page 22 in the "Family Activity Book" and make copies for each student.


Choose among the following activities from Building Blocks:

"Healthy Snacks" Song

  1. Play the song and have students sing along with the chorus.

  2. Play the song again. This time, continue to pause the song so that students can make a class list of the healthy snacks mentioned in verses 1 and 2 (i.e., apple, crackers, cheese, banana, celery, popcorn, soup, orange, granola, peanut butter sandwich, tuna fish, oatmeal, milk, juice).

  3. Have the students vote for their favorite snacks among those mentioned. Tally the votes and have children rank the snacks from favorite to least favorite.

  4. Throughout the week, have the students add to the list of healthy snacks based on things they eat at school or at home. Now, have the students use these new snacks to add verses to the song.

“Favorite Snacks Memory Game”

  1. If using a data projector, call the whole group together and begin with the “easy” level. Call on students to choose the card to click on. Keep moving to more difficult levels.

  2. As the students uncover the healthy snacks, add them to a class list.

  3. Give each student two sheets of construction paper and markers. Have them draw matching healthy snacks on each sheet of paper.

  4. Take up the construction paper matches and mix them up. Lay them face down in the middle of the classroom. Have the students play the matching game with their own healthy snack matchups.

Family Activity Book: Healthy Snacks Handouts

  1. Once students have focused on eating healthy snacks in class, use the Family Activity Handouts as "take home" tools to get the family involved in healthy eating. Distribute age-appropriate handouts to all students. Have them take the handouts home to complete with their family.

  2. Ask the students to bring back the completed handouts to share with the class.

Optional: For Older Students, Ages 5 and 6

  1. Have the students use markers and/or pictures from magazines and grocery ads to transfer the recipes from their Healthy Snack handouts, page 22, onto posters.

  2. Place the posters around the cafeteria and ask other classes to create posters and recipes for a "Healthy Snacks Week" at school.

  3. Challenge students to keep a diary of the snacks they eat during the week, with everyone striving to eat only healthy snacks.


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Updated on 3/22/2014