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The Family section focuses on the six protective steps that adults can take to reduce their child’s risk of later substance abuse. These steps, identified by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and SAMHSA, are the basis for the articles and activities that you can use to help raise mentally healthy and drug-free children.

  1. Good Talking, Good Listening offers parenting tips on using active listening and communication skills to establish and maintain good parent-child communication.
  2. Time With Your Kids emphasizes the importance of being actively involved in your child’s daily life.
  3. Living With Rules suggests ways to use positive reinforcement for child discipline and for enforcing family rules.
  4. Walk the Walk encourages positive role modeling to promote positive child behavior.
  5. Kids With Kids offers parenting advice on teaching children the social skills that enable them to make and be a good friend.
  6. Show and Tell recommends easy ways to monitor your children's activities, feelings, and health.

What children learn early in their lives often forms lifelong habits and attitudes. Building Blocks is here to help you lay the groundwork now to talk about underage drinking, tobacco, drugs, and other sensitive issues so that your children are more likely to come to you for help and advice when they are older.

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Updated on 5/21/2014