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Library Activities

Going to the library with your child is one of the best ways to spend time together. Try these activities to make your library visit even more fun.

Your Local Library

  • Before going to the library, find out about special story hours and free family events. Find out the rules for children to get a library card. Then, if your child is ready, get a personalized card.

  • On your first visit, ask the librarian to give you and your child a tour of the children’s section, explaining where the most appropriate books for your child’s age can be found.

  • Storybooks are great, but don’t forget about nonfiction. Young children love to find out about the world around them.

  • Allow time for exploring the shelves and sampling the books with your child. Talk about the books and find out why he or she likes or dislikes them—favorite colors, favorite animals, big print. Then, let him or her pick out several favorites to check out.

  • Keep a library log with the titles and authors/illustrators of each book you check out and when it’s due back to the library. Let your child dictate to you a review of the book.
Title Author/Illustrator Date Due Returned My Review
A Chair for My Mother

Vera B. Williams

Tuesday, June 5


Rosa is my favorite person in the story. She loves her Mama, just like I love mine. I was sad when she was sad after the fire. I was happy when she was happy after her family saved enough money to buy the special chair.

  • Use the library log to help your child find more books. For example, looking for books by Vera B. Williams, your child will find two more books about Rosa on the library shelves—Something Special for Me and Music, Music for Everyone.

  • Before going to the library, make a list of books to look for—books about favorite animals, books by a favorite author or illustrator, books about other places, etc. Then, go on a library scavenger hunt to find books that fit the list.

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Updated on 4/9/2013